English Fun Day (P.1-3)

日期: 28/03/2023


The English Fun Day was held on 28th March, 2023 with the theme ‘Hong Kong Society.  All P.1 to P.3 students had an enjoyable time in the school hall. There were altogether five game booths and each of them featured fun elements to encourage students to interact with the NETs in English while playing the games. Students were engaged in the activities and learnt more about Hong Kong through them.


In their classrooms the students also learned about wild animals and what it’s like to be on a safari. In the first part of the lesson the NET read a very informative book about what it’s like to observe animals in their natural habitat.  The story explained key facts about different animals and how we as a society need to protect them and the environment they call home.  After the story each student had the chance to go on a ‘virtual safari’. The students took turns wearing VR headgear and got an up close and personal experience interacting and viewing all the animals from the book.


The English Fun Day was very well received by all the students and it was a very fun and educational experience. The English teachers look forward to presenting a new topic with more interactive themes in the next academic year.